OAuth, Magento, Cookies, Ubuntu and Time

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After upgrading my VMWare host (and some Ubuntu updates at the same time) I started noticing some strange behaviour on my Magento platform in QA. I just couldn’t login with my regular test user account. After clearing cookies on the browser, Magento started redirecting me to it’s “Please enable cookies” page. Boom! Nothing else had… Read more »

Get Ubuntu

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This is more of a shameless advertising plug than anything else- a departure from the usual theme of posts- but when you really like something, you can’t help yourself but just say *something* about it. That said… I’ve advocated Ubuntu for a while now since I took the leap myself away from the restrictive environment… Read more »

A Dev Environment with Trac+Subversion

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Setting up development environments is something you do once in a while- hopefully. And over time, you tweak different areas and add in bits and pieces here and there and it evolves. Nicely. And then you get to do it all over again But then you got to go back a couple of months/years and… Read more »

Ubuntu USB

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They have a saying with Ubuntu: “It Just works” and freak- it’s true, especially with the latest release 8.1 (Intrepid Ibex). My goal was to install Ubuntu Server edition on a machine that is really, _just_ a server. No shmancy graphics card, no CD-ROM.. wait. No CD-ROM!? How do you install server software onto a… Read more »

Open Source on Launchpad

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A synergistic moment if there ever was one. I love my OS. I don’t dislike my XP. It’s been good to me (and continues to be) but i *really* enjoy working on my ubuntu. And i’m still discovering things about it, which is half the fun right there. And as a result, i was introduced… Read more »

MATLAB R14sp3 On Ubuntu 7.04

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A couple of things to be aware of if you’re doing this installation, which i discovered through trial and error The machine id used for activation is based on the MAC address of eth0. On my machine, for example, my active interface is primarily the wireless card which is set as eth1. Hence, no machine… Read more »

Minimum Computing Power

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There is a lot of hype about computing power, technology and what we _really_ need to everyday compute. We find a similar push with cellphone technology too… but what exactly do you really need? I’ve just finished setting up Feisty… i am impressed. It really does just work. Out of curiousity, i ran a quick… Read more »

Ubuntu Adventures

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So far, everything’s going well. Ubuntu Edgy [Feisty coming soon] is installed and updated. Wrapped my head around keeping my computer updated and how to manage it. Also, tried out Kubuntu, but opted for Gnome instead and installed Edubuntu on my wife’s machine [dual boot with XP Home]. And it’s got everything you need. Come… Read more »

How The Other Half Compute

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i’ve been a Windows junkie for a long time now. Made my living living, eating and breathing Windows. From ’98 to XP, and now Vista, i been using, coding, configuring, patching, coding [did i say that twice ;)] everything Microsoft. Funny though, my roots in computing go back to C, Borland nogal. Anyways, Microsoft-related work… Read more »

New Territory

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for a .net “junkie”, migrating technology skills can be quite daunting- well, that is for me at least. after too long a delay, i finally decided to start shifting some of my stuff across to Linux. i like the community drive behind Ubuntu and so… here i am. I guess there are lots of reasons… Read more »