Settling In

it’s taking some time longer than expected… moving the blogs across, that is… but coming along. Changing templates has been tricky, for one, since the choices are _many_ 🙂 but finally settled something that works for me…

The other was getting used to MySql and php and then running sandboxes for WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and Gallery2 on XP; finding IDE’s for managing all the tools… blah blah blah…

All in all, not your usual .NET stuff… but some really *classic* ideas in those areas. I guess ‘cos they been around for so much longer in _production_ and with such a huge contribution base, the ideas really are standing the test of time.

Performance-wise, i have been suitably impressed by php- even on a Win32 platform- and have been pondering [comparing] our own application we’re developing on .Net: mmm…. But for sure, our team can’t handle a distributed effort in php given the advantages of on a larger-scale project. that is, considering our collective experience…

I was particulalry impressed though with the MySql function MD5()
** update wp_users set user_password = MD5(‘newpassword’) where id = 1;

back to settling down- still need to import comments from Blogger in Beta :S

Timeline + Blog = Blogline

:all that playing around has paid off nicely for some useful code of high geek value 😀

welcome, Blogline

u can plug just about any rss feed into it.. at least, that is, i have been playing with implementations for Rss2 and Atom.