Ubuntu USB

They have a saying with Ubuntu: “It Just works” and freak- it’s true, especially with the latest release 8.1 (Intrepid Ibex).

My goal was to install Ubuntu Server edition on a machine that is really, _just_ a server. No shmancy graphics card, no CD-ROM.. wait. No CD-ROM!? How do you install server software onto a *disconnected machine with no CD-ROM? USB.

Now previously, the ability has always been there, and you had to download this and do that and change this- since you were doing something out of the ordinary (at least that is, back then it was). So they simplified the whole process with Intrepid and made it ordinary.

Sooo.. on a desktop machine (an existing installation of Intrepid) select to create a USB disk; locate/select the server ISO (or CD if you’ve burned the ISO onto CD already); select the USB device you want to use and the rest is a progress bar.

Now you can boot with the USB device and install the server OS onto the machine of choice. It really does just work.