Relaxing on The Couch

the last few days i’ve been looking at couchdb and started building my first app on it.
Coming from a primarily “backend coder” perspective (complete with domain modeling, object-mapping, type-safety and so on…), it’s been challenging getting to grips with JavaScript on steroids, plain HTML and jQuery along with couchapp all at the same time.
Sometimes my brain’s wires short-circuited but i’ve loved the journey so far. Very reminiscent of my experiences when i made the switch to doing cool stuff from “just doing stuff” for other people.
Lovin’ it.

Business Technology

zaFin Statistics Update

zaFinTools has been updated with a new function: the statistics calculator. Given a dataset, zaFinTools will give you a descriptive breakdown of the numbers, statistically speaking, by working out and displaying the following information in one go:

Length, Median, Mean, Sum, Sum of Squares, Minimum, Maximum, Range, Variance, Standard Deviation, Co-variance, Mean Absolute Variation, and then the 3 quartile positions and values.


Download zaFin for BlackBerry.


ActiveRecord and Thrift Part Deux

I posted about AR and thrift earlier (or late last year) and was reminded this morning that I didn’t follow up that post with the solution. So here it is: Download spike code.

Now it has been a while since i solved this, and the versions may have changed since then, but I do remember that the “tricksy” part was boot-strapping ActiveRecord. That was done using the supplied boot.rb. Once that’s done, you can happily run the thrift server daemon based on textbook instructions and the rest is history. Your models and all the ActiveRecord learnings you’ve had with rails can be re-used quite happily.

Happy coding.