Marking Time

Jessie turned 6 months today. In the bigger scheme of things, it might not be all that significant; for “new-born parents” πŸ˜‰ it’s quite a milestone!

But beyond reaching milestones, without actually even reaching/trying, it occurred to me today that there’s nothing we can do to recapture/relive these last 6 months. They’re gone. Whatever joys and discoveries we shared these last 6 months, they’ve come and gone and making way for new ones. Freaky awesome πŸ™‚

Yet i can’t help but reflect that time passed, is, well, time passed and it only lives on in memory, yet at the same time, just how absolutely precious this time gone by has been. And then i got to thinking about our own rat race. When 6 months go by we don’t even blink or bat an eyelid. Maybe at the end of the year we spare a moment, pause as it were. Even then, we’re too busy planning 2008, 9 and 10 to really indulge the road travelled…

Yip, we plan ahead (and we need to) but not at the sacrifice of today.

Jessie, aka Beanie

the miracle of growing is something else! watching Jessie grow is just, well, yeah.. wow. i could wax a compendium of lyrics and still not get close. just everything about discovery: from being fascinated by your own feet to the discovery of laughter and expression. quite something else actually. so far removed from the rat-race yet so accessible. we find we can happily spend the entire day just “playing” and engaging… ah man! what a blessing!

Latest snapshots

Hello, Baby J

the most anticipated birth of the century… πŸ˜€
She’s adorable, she’s gorgeous… she’s everything i thought only more than everything i thought.


And “My Wife”… wow! I am so proud of her. For nine months she worked so hard at making sure Jessie would come out just perfect and right to the end, she gave it her all and did an absolutely amazingly fantastic “thing”. I am stumped by her ability, tenacity, perseverance, love and courage in the face of everything that went down… (Lolly, you’re beautiful!)

And again, we have an absolutely awesome Father in Heaven. A true, righteous and loving God…

And so we start, the three of us, our next exciting episode πŸ˜€

Everybody’s Guessing :)

Who’s gonna get it right? πŸ™‚
We got takers spanning anywhere within 3 weeks and almost a 50/50 whether J is a girl or a boy.
This is sooo much more fun than getting the sex confirmed and booking a caesarian πŸ˜€


ok, so i’m watching this little clip and thinking to myself… # speechless#

how anyone on earth can believe that LIFE came together **randomly** … from a chimp and before that, whatever. Way too much dope.

J Yawns

from time to time, you hear stories from the baby’s scan like: “he waved at me” or “she smiled at me” or “J yawned” πŸ™‚ Now for those who are not present at a scan, you probably think… yeah yeah. Emotional parents just reading into things… well, maybe- but see for yourself.

Baby J 16.5 weeks

Bouncing along, BabyJ is growing nicely. Heartbeat strong, functional belly and long! Currently the size of a 18week “baby” at only 16.5 weeks, we’re wondering if BabyJ is taking after uncles King & S-Poodle πŸ™‚

BabyJ Profile

And a close-up on BabyJ’s face…