Pink Tickets

“To be permitted by your spouse to indulge in such activities that are normally banned in her absence”

Hah-roomphf. And so begins the battle for time and permission by The Spouse to be allowed to do things without him or her. Oh, the games! Listen to enough conversations and you get a glimpse into a lifetime of evolving strategy deployed on both “sides” of the union in order to achieve some kind of guilt-free, permissible indulgence. And that indulgence could be a race, an event, a night out with the girls or boys, a manicure, shopping trip, business adventure, training hour.. whatever. The battle for time away, the fight for that precious me-time just kind of happens and grows- and the memes and fauxy social circles don’t help either because then we end up not thinking that it is just the way it is and should be.

More hah-roomphf. Instead of cunningly working out your me-time, your precious away time, by paying cash or some penance (aka, planting landmines) why not fight for your spouse’s me-time? Yip. Go out of your way to make sure she/he can get to do the things that make him/her happy. Actively fight the schedule of busyness to make sure the person you love gets to be the best person they can be. The end.