Get Out Jail Free

Every once in a while, you get a randomly odd idea (thanks, @brentone80– like this one: DeadGranny. It might seem shallow, but not so actually. It was also relatively quick to code and more fun to play with. It actually solved a real-world problem too; which is a bonus. And soo…

Ever get stuck in a awkward situation where you need an escape- and you need it fast- but you need a catalyst to spark off your rescue? Maybe you’re stuck in public transport, listening to some random citizen with bad teeth and equally attractive halitosis chew your ear off about a personal drama of theirs from 1979; or the conversation is just plain inappropriate and you’re the odd one out; or you’re in a meeting that doesn’t know how to end? Trickiness abounds. That’s when you need “DeadGranny”.

All of a sudden, your phone starts ringing. You casually glance down to see who it is. (It’s not outright anti-social just to keep a tab on your phone.) Cue your drama skills. Look worried. Interject with a “Sorry, I’ve been expecting this call”. Answer the phone. Look even more worried. “What?! When?! Ok, I’m coming now” Put down the phone and excuse yourself. If you’re asked what’s up… well, the rest is up to you.

So how does DeadGranny work?
First, you need to activate DeadGranny mode. You can do this by clicking the “End Call” button when your home screen is showing. You will notice the wheelchair icon appear. You are now in DeadGranny mode. To set your phone back to normal, just click the “end call” button again. The wheelchair icon will disappear. Simple.

Now to activate -and control- the ringing on your phone. Click the “back” button 3 times (while in DeadGranny mode) to activate a call. You will hear an anonymous tone played 5 times. If you want to repeat the tone, press the “back” button 3 times again. Repeat as often as you need to.

Simple. There are no configuration screens, icons or settings. It operates discreetly and with a bit of practice, you could even get this going without looking down at your phone. If you use a BlackBerry you are probably more than capable of using it blindfold.

It’s as simple as it needs to be and no simpler. How effective it will be is largely up to your convincing display of drama 😉

Available on AppWorld