Continuing with the mobile web server theme, the underpinnings of the previously mentioned project are available as part of various open source projects. What’s more, the ability to now host PHP (and not just python) websites on your phone (huh?) is so there, but still begs the immediate question: why?

Now there be some answers to that, but then, just how feasible is this? I mean, just how practical is having a full-blown CMS web application hosted on your phone? Mmmm.. that aside, i still see quite a bit of usefulness already. For one thing, the world of mobile data interchange just got looped onto its head, in a public kind of way. Just engage reverse and let the creativity flow 😀


CodeIgniter Playground

After some tinkering with CodeIgniter, i’ve setup a small playground (which will hopefully grow over time) to test drive the framework.
I like the framework for it’s lightness- and you get quite a lot of control without having to rely on helpers to do _everything_. You can learn the helpers as you need to, so getting something up and running is easy enough and requires no massive investment in a proprietary methodology, terminology, apiology or documentology.

As for rhe RoR-ish slant. It is well… erm… RoR-ish. But really, nothing beats RoR. CodeIgniter is not bad. Rails still kicks!

WT? #3

So, just when i thought i had seen it all… this is the REQUEST, as captured by Fiddler.
Yes, you read that right… the SWF builds the request and sends it through to the web server; in plain text.
(i’ve modified the actual contents of the SQL, naturally)

POST /flashsql.php?id=106 HTTP/1.1


= BODY ====
 sql_=SELECT DISTINCT( id ), name, filename FROM table LEFT
JOIN table2 ON ( id = id ) LEFT JOIN
table3 ON ( id = id ) LEFT JOIN table4 ON
( id = id ) LEFT JOIN table5 ON ( id = id ) WHERE id IN(155,150,52,149,134,133,76) AND
typeId=9 ORDER BY id
5 tables, no less and a database name. And a file on the server that happily accepts any SQL for execution. Oh, and this was an e-commerce website.

They were notified and they have subsequently made things a lot more secure.

Rest [as defined by a techie]

so life in the land of .net has been a little quiet. there’s been a gap in our project which i have been making the most of to get my head around some *other* things 😀
so, the backend and data coding has been burning slowly, but what has been happening has been interesting.. adventures in the land of PHP, JSON and Ajax…
luckily, i had a project to help keep things *focused* [ my beautiful ] 😀
the most facinating piece of software to emerge from all this was: Timeline. Wow.
I’ve used it here:
Pregnancy Due Dates and it really is an awesome implementation….
right! back to learning 🙂