While The Politicians Dance

At home (that’s SA, not USA; although….), the politicians continue their frenzy of politicking. It’s great for them, i guess. They get to spend all their (paid) time to do what they studied to do (and perhaps the only thing they know how to do?): launch political strategies, talk about each other, spend money, campaign; pretty much everything except get down and solve the real problems.

Health, education, safety, housing, food, energy… these issues are not so important it seems. While all the politicians dance, the “guy on the street”, the ones working 8-5, 6-6 or not at all, are the ones bearing the burdens and suffering the patience of a long-awaited non-delivery. We have to be content with watching our money being diverted from the promised land into more airflights, suits, lunches, breakfasts, t-shirts, stickers, petty (and not so petty) court cases…

Of course, the argument is that these breakfasts and continued (boring) media tantrums are important enough so that the rest of the real work can start happening properly, with the right people in charge. And there’s truth to that. But the obvious responding question: “then why is there more politicking than delivery?” is never really answered. Except to say, well, because it’s really important to get that sorted so that the right people can start to do the work properly.

The irony is, the right people for the job are the ones who get busy just doing it, regardless. But they would probably never dream of being distracted from getting on with their job and “run for office”. ‘Cos, well, that’s all it is: running for an office. Maybe if we gave our politicans cubicles instead, there would be less of them “running for cubicles” :p


Howto Help the Economy

A bit of locally flavoured South African non-technical posting… on how to help an economy in need.

Indeed, when the chips are down, and prices are going up, and the economy is under threat of recession; what’s the most tactful move you can make? Why, organise a mass-action protest stayaway that effectively costs businesses billions of rands- just to put the cherry on top. Maybe put one or two out of action while you’re at- slam the final nail into the coffin? Oh, and don’t forget to cripple transportation and emergency services- hold the country at ransom during an economic crisis. What a sure fire way to send out a great message. At least you’re guaranteed of getting some attention.

Exactly what the message is however, and to whom it’s addressed to remains a mystery. ‘Cos the ubiquitous “business” and government of South Africa sure aren’t responsible for the price of barrel of oil.

Sadly, true character will always be revealed during the trials. But I suppose the alternative was to organise a call to come together and find innovative ways to save and help each other… Mmmm…

With great power, right, comes…?

Rants Technology

Clamour of Petty Kings

We have some serious issues facing our world today. Heck, in South Africa, the land of opportunity, we have more serious issues than we sometimes care to face up to. Tackling real issues is hard work. So, what’s the alternative?

Stop the press! Houston, we have a problem! In fact, call Heather Brenner out of retirement! Google does not display a link to it’s privacy statement on the home page. God forbid!

Something so serious demanded the attention of the world media (and my blog :sigh:), along with a host of, ahem, clamour, of petty kings. Good thing they were watching because if Google manage to continue getting away this kind of arrogant in-your-face lawlessness, who knows what cheecky and utterly ludicrious cheap shot they might plan to get away with next? :p