Radio Streaming

So of late, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the 2oceansvibe crew and one of the best advantages of the gig has been listening to 2oceansvibe Radio while coding. Major Plus!

So as it is, there’s practically no excuse for not getting in on the coolest radio station this side of the sun.
They have an iPhone app, a BlackBerry app, a web app and now a Facebook app in addition to being able to listen/stream from just about any media player (Real, Winamp, iTunes).

So, for kicks, here’s an audio streamer for the Mac, recompiled to default to 2oceansvibe Radio. Download StreamingAudioPlayer. Yes, you can listen through iTunes. And indeed, 90% of the times I would just use what’s already there (i.e. iTunes) but like most projects, it’s sometimes just cool to be able to roll your own, plus it’s a really decent sample codebase for an in-the-wild cocoa app.

All code on this project is originally developed by mattgallager and code can be found here on the project site.



Finally. It has arrived. After some time of deliberating, this once MS-only geek, turned and ran for the cover of open source operating systems; but not happy to just stay there, went one step further and has now immersed himself into the world of Mac 🙂

Afterall, i was tired of hearing the debates all the time; and to a large extent, i couldn’t really care which OS is best, since “best” is a loaded term and sparks off quasi-religious wars amongst the zealots; so i decided to live my opinions out, if i had any. And i definitely have some now.

My early comments can be summed in one thought which continuously bumps against the inside of my skull as i discover some new joy lurking under the hood of UI: “how on earth did i ever compute without a mac?”