bodyCircuit Goes Touch

Having had a look at jQTouch, it was time to see what you can and cannot do with the framework.

First guinea in line was the popular online >_bodyCircuit tool created for did you?.

A screenshot is worth a thousand words so here are a thousand words:

Get Going with bodyCircuit

So this is what it looks like in Safari (don’t bother with any other browsers really since it’s not really targeted for anything else than the Apple family). Pretty neat. And in action:

Huff! Puff! Don't give up!

And it ticks along nicely, better ui framework and better looking than it’s original cousin :p

So, naturally, how does it function on the smaller devices? Well, it looks pretty much the same on the iPod Touch and I did get it to tick over smoothly… but…. some intermittent success. Will have to look more into that.

Otherwise, it’s all yours to test-drive here.

UPDATE: just finished testing it on my new android browser (which i’m also busy writing from at the moment) and it works super nicely 😉


Relaxing on The Couch

the last few days i’ve been looking at couchdb and started building my first app on it.
Coming from a primarily “backend coder” perspective (complete with domain modeling, object-mapping, type-safety and so on…), it’s been challenging getting to grips with JavaScript on steroids, plain HTML and jQuery along with couchapp all at the same time.
Sometimes my brain’s wires short-circuited but i’ve loved the journey so far. Very reminiscent of my experiences when i made the switch to doing cool stuff from “just doing stuff” for other people.
Lovin’ it.