Ubuntu Adventures

So far, everything’s going well. Ubuntu Edgy [Feisty coming soon] is installed and updated. Wrapped my head around keeping my computer updated and how to manage it. Also, tried out Kubuntu, but opted for Gnome instead and installed Edubuntu on my wife’s machine [dual boot with XP Home]. And it’s got everything you need.

Come to think of it, our computing needs [home users] are actually quite simple:
Email, web browser and some document creation software. Most applications and interaction take place on the browser anyways, so the rest is.. well, a lot less complicated than it’s made out to be. I know a lot of folk will disagree on that, but of all the thousands of applications we have at our disposal, a very small percentage are actually required.

And i think that’s part of the Ubuntu appeal. It has everything you need to compute. Off the bat. And then of course, you can go wild and install a thousand applications, if you really need to.

For Edgy and Dapper [spread over ubuntu, edubuntu and kubuntu] installations, instead of fighting to get WPA-PSK working with 4 different wireless cards, i changed the router to WEP with a MAC-filter. The path of least resistance 🙂 And it works like a charm. Feisty apparently has some added support in the WP-PSK direction, so we’ll look at that pretty soon…

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[…] So part of the whole Ubuntu move has also involved migrating my predominantly MS-based programming skillset into something *else*. As it is, i am studying part-time to complete a B.Sc Applied Mathematics, so this year will be a little slower at times on the technology front, but it proceeds, nonetheless. […]

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