A Dev Environment with Trac+Subversion

Setting up development environments is something you do once in a while- hopefully. And over time, you tweak different areas and add in bits and pieces here and there and it evolves. Nicely. And then you get to do it all over again 🙂 But then you got to go back a couple of months/years and look at it all over again. Thank goodness for tutorials!

Incidentally, another good reason to make the effort to document (read blog) that learning, or even just link that learning into your own blog. You never know when you gonna need it again…

Setting up Trac and Subversion on Ubuntu

This is probably about the most comprehensive and easy to follow guide i’ve come across so far. It has all the basic necessities to serve as both a refresher and get you up and running quickly. There is one small “typo” but you should spot it quickly if you’ve done this before. It refers to the root web folder for the trac setup.