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I’ve mentioned Heroku a couple times before in my posts and I mention them again today. I was impressed way back then when I started 2 years ago, and I’m further impressed today. I finally managed to get around to moving Morty from the now deprecated HerokuGarden onto the Heroku platform. And it was a… Read more »

Morty py

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Morty py is the same Morty that was built using Ruby on Rails as part of a bigger scheme related to the basics of financial learning, specifically the concept of amortisation. Morty py, as it’s creative name suggests, is a Python implementation. Moreover, it’s also hosted on Google’s AppEngine. In all, the differences between the… Read more »


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The most exciting discovery of the day award goes to Sweepers. And the most straightforward “in the wild” dissection of it, goes to CodeLevy. Basically, and in my cases unrelated to caching (not unlike David Parker), i needed to observe my controller actions. Well, i needed to couple behaviour onto an existing process and observing… Read more »

Rails, PDF + prawn jumpstart

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Looking for a “to-PDF” solution for your rails application? Well, if your journey is (has been) anything like mine [which is pretty standard judging from what i’ve read] then you’ve probably decided prawn is the way forward. And you’re also probably convinced that prawnto is a good idea (it is also highly recommended). So by… Read more »

Deploying Rails

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A while ago, i got addicted to RoR. Life before RoR was… well. Mundane. Don’t get me wrong. There was still a lot of exciting stuff going on, but RoR opened up a brave new world and it’s “differentness” added to its appeal. And since then, i’ve written a fair amount of Rails apps and… Read more »

Will it Scale?

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When Ruby/Rails is mentioned as a web development platform, the most common response is related to scalability and performance; usually with a liberal dash of skepticism. Fear, uncertainty and doubt, along with a couple of honest posts and reviews, all point to the perception that Rails has some sort of performance problem. 300 million page… Read more »

Ruby Nuby Catch

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I was reading up quite a bit and getting a project on the go with Ruby and Streamlined. Perfect for an admin console and mass data capture application. But in my zeal and learning curve, i kept bumping my head against habtm relationships not really working. It was acting weird, and depending on when you… Read more »

Bitnami Application Stacks

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If you’re looking for an application stack to run on *any* OS, particularly one of the very famous and useful open source applications (subversion, wordpress, joomla, drupal, apache, ruby, moodle, mysql, php, trac, …) and want to get started quickly, i would suggest bitnami for most your needs. And especially if you’re stuck with a… Read more »