Morty py

Morty py is the same Morty that was built using Ruby on Rails as part of a bigger scheme related to the basics of financial learning, specifically the concept of amortisation. Morty py, as it’s creative name suggests, is a Python implementation. Moreover, it’s also hosted on Google’s AppEngine.

In all, the differences between the frameworks and development experience are both varied and the same. It doesn’t really matter which is “better”- that discussion is a moot point. But in summary, i love the RoR implementation for it’s expressiveness in code and coherence of the MVC pattern. But Google’s AppEngine rocks when it comes to functionality and the tool chain. Performance (for this app) is much of a muchness. Python is really nice, and so is Ruby. Granted, getting to grips with Python was much easier, but that’s only because my multi-lingual skills have improved greatly. And being a multi-linguist is so much more satisfying.

Afterall, imagine, in one day, coding the backend in Python, some related services in Ruby, maybe an optimized service in C, with a front end in C#, possibly ASP.NET or WinForms, a mobile front end in Java and then some obligatory JavaScript to boot. Not forgetting the frameworks that come with each of those languages that make them ultimately productive. For me, seventh heaven 😉