Ruby Nuby Catch

I was reading up quite a bit and getting a project on the go with Ruby and Streamlined. Perfect for an admin console and mass data capture application. But in my zeal and learning curve, i kept bumping my head against habtm relationships not really working. It was acting weird, and depending on when you pick up on the glitch, you’d explain it a dozen different ways.

Short story long, i scoured- found folk with similar issues and put it down to “bug”- but not convincingly.

And then i was reminded: habtm tables don’t need a surrogate primary key for ActiveRecord development! Doh! changed my associative table scripts to include :id => false and it all works like a charm!

Now if i can only find those threads again and post the “solution” there… Arrrrgg..

But here’s a fantastic post/tutorial on the issue by Sam Aaron.