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Recycled Software

What’s up with everything being ported to .NET? There’s nothing more boring than copying somebody else’s idea, unless of course, your own ideas are pretty crap 🙂

And (sup)porting a dozen applications to be used with the .NET framework surely cannot be considered as innovative either- it’s real name is “market strategy”. I must confess though, we’ve (that is, i) benefitted much from having tried and trusted Java libraries (example, NHibernate) ported across, but i’ve also wondered many a time, why not just use Java then? And now

An aside, what i loved about the marketing around NHibernate is that it builds on the solid reliability and legacy robustness of Hibernate in a Java world 🙂

But it’s all just recycled software ideas and methinks a large pop of the lemming community are looking for “innovation” in all the wrong places.

<warning>Massive Generalisation About to Occur</warning>

Software developers are more into being “advertained” (advertisement + entertainment) than any other population group i know. Trouble is, i always presupposed we’re more critical than most. But perhaps we’ve reached a point where we’ve started buying into our own hype? Afterall, we can make it fly with words like interoperability, multi-platform and integration. Oooooo… :p

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