Deploying Rails

A while ago, i got addicted to RoR. Life before RoR was… well. Mundane. Don’t get me wrong. There was still a lot of exciting stuff going on, but RoR opened up a brave new world and it’s “differentness” added to its appeal. And since then, i’ve written a fair amount of Rails apps and a few libraries in Ruby for my own use. And then i tried to deploy a Rails app.

… ?:o

It was hard. And especially hard since i couldn’t eat, sleep and breathe the environment; so every opportunity i got to tackle the problem, i had to relearn the same commands. But i got used to it. I read _a lot_. And i managed to actually understand the conversations at one point. A major plus 🙂

In case you’re wondering what a *normal (or typical?) deployment might look like, take a peek here.

*Normal or typical probably doesn’t even exist, it’s just a phrase which suits my goals at the moment.

In any event, there’s some configuring going on. Examples are here, and here, and here. And there are more.

And despite the seeming “mission” related to deploying apps (and why a lot of folk just abandoned the platform altogether), i still believed it would get better. It just had to.

Hello, Phusion Passenger. Phenomenal! And suddenly, the roses are redder, the skies are bluer, the birds sing clearer and the apps deploy smoother. Waaaay smoother. Keep your eye on this one!

Oh. and here’s more about using Phusion Passenger in development.