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Morty is a pet project i been working on here and there which spills out an amortization schedule for you, based on your loan attributes. I’ve been incubating it at Heroku since it is quite a fascinating concept and tool. Their online console is pretty geeky but easy to use and deploying rails apps is… Read more »

Deploying Rails

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A while ago, i got addicted to RoR. Life before RoR was… well. Mundane. Don’t get me wrong. There was still a lot of exciting stuff going on, but RoR opened up a brave new world and it’s “differentness” added to its appeal. And since then, i’ve written a fair amount of Rails apps and… Read more »

J2ME Math

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While developing a financial calculator on the J2ME platform (MIDP2.0, CLDC1.1) i had the need for some “basic” math functions like pow() and log(). As it is, there’s nothing quite like that natively available on the platform which on one hand surprised me; on the other, got me quite excited. I’d have to implement my… Read more »

CodeIgniter Playground

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After some tinkering with CodeIgniter, i’ve setup a small playground (which will hopefully grow over time) to test drive the framework. I like the framework for it’s lightness- and you get quite a lot of control without having to rely on helpers to do _everything_. You can learn the helpers as you need to, so… Read more »

A Dev Environment with Trac+Subversion

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Setting up development environments is something you do once in a while- hopefully. And over time, you tweak different areas and add in bits and pieces here and there and it evolves. Nicely. And then you get to do it all over again But then you got to go back a couple of months/years and… Read more »

All In One Month

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What a month! 3 exams, a couple of teeth and a brand new baby boy. If you got kids, you’ll understand, right? So if you ever end up having to plan something like this (not that you can always consciously time it so well) then i have a a tip for you… Make sure you… Read more »

Put It In the Bond?

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If you’re servicing a mortgage at the moment, and you happen to come into some money, the “best” advice you’re probably going to get is: “put it in your bond”. Not bad advice, i guess, but i’m not so sure it’s the “best”. **DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT a financial advisor; am not pretending to be one;… Read more »