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Pending Changes

One of the great habits now ingrained into my being are doing diffs on code before committing a check in. It’s a great habit, and worth the extra quick 2 minutes. It’s also a great time to review your changes and get your head into the right space for your next move. Of course, having great tools like Subversion and Tortoise (or even git and bzr) make the job a pleasure. But then you have this…

Pending Changes

(Names have been blanked for privacy reasons)

My pending changes tells me i got a whole bunch of changes to commit but comparing each one tells me they’re the same. 😮 Not exactly conducive to keeping up a good habit, i would say. I actually only had 4 files that really changed, in case you’re wondering. No amount of refreshing, getting latest version or checking out could give me just the files i want to review before committing. Sigh.

And most people still ask me why i insist on using open source tools to do the job (properly) :p


I stumbled upon Derek’s posting on TFS and it does seem that things which should be simple (and were solved moons ago) are indeed quite difficult with TFS. The “plus” side though is ian has taken the time out to do something about it: cue LizardTF. Keeping an eye on that while i simply have to use TFS…