Annoying Software

One of the funniest things i read this morning… or maybe it was the tea?

“And yes, when I ask to exit the software, that’s because I really want to, not because I’m having a crisis of doubt.” (The bold is my emphasis)

LOL How many times have you joked about this? Are you really really really sure you want to exit? Really? For sure? Think about it carefully, because if you close me now, and you didn’t mean to, you’re going to have start me up all over again. So, are you sure you want to exit?

And the irony is, whenever i create an application where i don’t ask the user “Are you sure you want to <INSERT REQUESTED_ACTION HERE>?” after they explicitly clicked on the button to execute the aforementioned REQUESTED_ACTION, it feels like commiting a crime. In fact, i even had a user the other day log a “bug” saying: “Isn’t it supposed to ask me if i want to do that?” Priceless.

Btw, the quote is from an article on zdnet