Night Surfing

noooo, not the web kind of surfing… the Aloha-Hawaii-Dude!-style of surfing… at night!

it was a super day, saturday. started off with a wedding in the morning [wooohooo, Mr & Mrs Couvaras! 😀 ] and then settled into an evening braai at A+L. Great dinner, fantastic pudding followed off with a warm cuppa coffee. Just when you might have thought it was time to settle into a game of cranium, or slow down into some more good conversation- the *almost* full moon came out from behind the clouds!

well, there we were, 4 of us, scrambling for surfboards and wetsuits, hopping down to the beach at 10pm! a very odd sight indeed. splash! into the water and paddling out to … erm… well, just paddling out 🙂

the water was FROZEN!, the moon had snuck behind the clouds once more but luckily the waves were forgiving. once or twice you got to sit out backline *all by yourself* and more than once i saw shadows darting beneath my board! :S imagination is a tricky thing!

surfing the waves was awesome though- only the moonlight to guide you, not knowing if the section was going to break or not, not sure just how much the wave is sucking up- all you can do is just feel your way… awesome!

we surfed for about half an hour- the onshore started messing with us- before heading back home… an even odder sight since this time we’re all wet hehehe

highly recommended, but at your own risk!

i won’t hesistate to add that before we headed in, we prayed and during, we prayed, and after, we prayed. God is good and for that one sweet night, He protected us while we went about our crazy surf, just fully relying on Him for the rest!

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Night surfing seems great if you are one of the guys in the water…
if you are one of the wives or girlfriends on the beach, its more of a game of spot the black dots and hoping that there really were 4 black dots and not 3!!

was great fun!!

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