A New Language: Where To Start?

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When you learn a new speaking language (English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Afrikaans….) you generally find your course or program is broken down into scenarios. For example, mostly all books, audio or videos will have the topics: Greetings, At The Airport, Public Transport, At The Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant and so on. Essentially, everything you need to… Read more »

Classical, Functional or Prototypal?

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I have updated the maths playground on this site as part of an ongoing adoption and learning of new languages and in particular, programming approaches. The language itself is not really the issue when you’re tackling a task. In fact, learning a ‘programming language’ itself (the syntax that is) is a non-issue. What you do… Read more »

Optimizing And Readability

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Optimizing code is generally an expensive process (read: time-consuming) and there are established ways of getting to the bottom of “what to optimize”. Thankfully, profilers are available to help with a lot of the guesswork, so it’s generally a good idea to make sure you work with one *most of the time*. Moving along, it… Read more »

Attitude Driven Development

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A.D.D. From the textbooks of an introduction into the business world (Department of Decision Sciences, UNISA): Control does not, however, keep workers from making mistakes. The motivation of workers and a positive attitude towards their tasks, limit the number of mistakes they make. It explains why TDD on it’s own will fail, and also why… Read more »

SharpDevelop + Monorail

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Monorail rocks, but getting going in #Develop can be cumbersome in that you need to create a lot of placeholders. Fortunately, you can create a template which you can drop into your data/templates/project/CSharp sub-path of your #develop installation for example: C:\Program Files\SharpDevelop\2.2\data\templates\project\CSharp Using this template, you can now Create a “MonoRails” web project Have it… Read more »

Subversion and Bzr

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Subversion has been a friend of mine for some time now. Given the order of environments I have been required to work in, it’s more than suited our needs… anyhooo. Then there’s Bzr which has really grown on me, especially for offline version control. But what is really cool, is using both of them. I… Read more »

Recycled Software

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What’s up with everything being ported to .NET? There’s nothing more boring than copying somebody else’s idea, unless of course, your own ideas are pretty crap And (sup)porting a dozen applications to be used with the .NET framework surely cannot be considered as innovative either- it’s real name is “market strategy”. I must confess though,… Read more »

Enforcing DDD

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So you’re all excited about TDD by now. You’ve also hooked into DDD and cutting your teeth on some of the more progressive methods for delivering software accurately, and, fairly rapidly. And with time, you probably need to start leading a team in DDD. Or you just need to interface with a team but want… Read more »


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Following up on the theme of overtime, voluntary or otherwise, there’s another good reason why it’s counter-productive. In a team environment, all it takes is one person to work that little extra bit on a regular basis, and because everyone’s capacity is inter-dependant, that extra workload starts to catch up and takes it toll. For… Read more »

TDD, Functions and Design

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A function assigns a dependant variable (the range) to an independent variable (the domain). Alternatively stated, a function will assign a result to an argument. And by that definition, we eliminate “void” methods and properties since these have neither range, nor domain. It is accepted though that these constructs can still alter the state of… Read more »