iTrainedToday Tech

The technology behind iTrainedToday is a nice mix. In fact, the chosen technology has enabled it to finally come to life. For a web application with persistence, you need basic moving parts: UI, backend persistence (ie. database), server-side middleware to translate the communication between the UI and the persistence. Straightforward for the most part except […]

Relaxing on The Couch

the last few days i’ve been looking at couchdb and started building my first app on it. Coming from a primarily “backend coder” perspective (complete with domain modeling, object-mapping, type-safety and so on…), it’s been challenging getting to grips with JavaScript on steroids, plain HTML and jQuery along with couchapp all at the same time. […]

Invalid State Crashes Client?

It’s the infamous view state again. My my my. I knew there were reasons I really didn’t dig the complexity ASP.NET were trying to cover up. This time though, my sense of amazement reached new heights when the client browser crashed (yip-crashed) because the server picked up some dodgy view state. Read that again. Carefully. […]

Classical, Functional or Prototypal?

I have updated the maths playground on this site as part of an ongoing adoption and learning of new languages and in particular, programming approaches. The language itself is not really the issue when you’re tackling a task. In fact, learning a ‘programming language’ itself (the syntax that is) is a non-issue. What you do […]