Crack My App

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What do you do if someone asks you to do something illegal? Of course (and i do sincerely mean and hope, “of course”) the first response is to just say “No”. But does it end there? Maybe it depends, maybe it doesn’t? Well, I was asked by a company to crack some software. Everything was… Read more »

The Line Between Games and Lies

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We often jest (or at least i do) with scenarios that, technically, can be considered lies. For example (really arb): My wife wants to know where the car keys are, and i’m hiding them in my jeans pocket. Wife: “Have you seen the keys?” Me: “Keys? Car keys? Nope. Haven’t seen them.” (Sneaky smile optional… Read more »

Ruby Nuby Catch

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I was reading up quite a bit and getting a project on the go with Ruby and Streamlined. Perfect for an admin console and mass data capture application. But in my zeal and learning curve, i kept bumping my head against habtm relationships not really working. It was acting weird, and depending on when you… Read more »