Truth Is Relative

big problem is that this statement is itself a very absolute statement. so if you hold to the “absolute” truth that “truth is relative”, you’re in a bit of a predicament and you got some explaining to do. maybe your persepctive of the truth is relative, but that doesn’t change the truth itself. if truth […]

DataBinding on ASP.Net

After consideration from a previous post, i decided to boldly test my new class designs by making those private instance variables public. Beyond struggling against my own niggles, i discovered that ASP.Net doesn’t like breaking PrivateInstanceVariableMandate either. Consider the DataBinder for example. In your mark-up code, a “typical” repeater section might look like The DataBinder.Eval […]

Mixing It Up

For the past 2 days, i’ve *finally* had the opportunity to work in both C# and Visual Basic simultaneously! It might seem like quite a lame goal, and yes, it probably is. But it was interesting none the less, to dynamically compare the two languages, and bonus- getting paid to do it- ie not doing […]

Time Is A Resource

We started off our project with the recommended 2 week iterations. And this worked well until the system grew to a maximum capacity. That capacity being defined by the amount of resources available to the project available to satisfy the requirements. At this point, it became neccessary to introduce a reflection period between each iteration. […]

I Love My TestHarness

now wouldn’t that make a great bumper sticker? 😀 again, yesterday, i experienced the fullness of my beloved test harness. as it always happens, business requirements change; dynamic market pressures or product discovery over time dictate that change is required. now whether you’ve spent 6 months designing before coding or spent 6 months designing through […]

Don’t Panic

It’s no wonder the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was such a bestseller with the bold words Don’t Panic sprawled on the cover. Successful software development shares this same sentiment. Don’t, under any form of duress, panic. Even at the threat of having your livelihood cut short. I suppose it was TDD, Agile, XP, and […]

Tradition vs Logic

Thinking a bit more about those hard to break habits of code, it really got me to thinking about why some habits, or really traditions, are so hard to break. Some of those traditions include:The PrivateInstanceVariableMandate, discussed earlier.Then there’s the SingleReturnStatement which enforces the following: function boolean foo(int args) { int result = -1; if(0 […]