But wait… there’s more

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It all started with the revelation that (under South African law) piracy is not a crime. That tied in oh so nicely with the declaration by the US government regarding the estimated cost of piracy. All within the same week. So what’s the real story? How are we who copy songs from our friends (who… Read more »

Piracy is NOT A Crime*

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I did not see one this coming. Under South African law, piracy is not a crime. Contrary to all those ads on the DVDs and the big screens sponsored by the DTI and all the talk and all the hyped media… I’m no lawyer and like most people rely on the messages that are published… Read more »

Crack My App

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What do you do if someone asks you to do something illegal? Of course (and i do sincerely mean and hope, “of course”) the first response is to just say “No”. But does it end there? Maybe it depends, maybe it doesn’t? Well, I was asked by a company to crack some software. Everything was… Read more »