Invalid State Crashes Client?

It’s the infamous view state again. My my my. I knew there were reasons I really didn’t dig the complexity ASP.NET were trying to cover up. This time though, my sense of amazement reached new heights when the client browser crashed (yip-crashed) because the server picked up some dodgy view state. Read that again. Carefully. […]

Dynamically Nested Controls ASP.Net

The solution seemed simple enough and what’s more, it should have been a straightforward implementation. Should have been. After one or two false starts, we settled into an approach until we hit the ubiquitous viewstate issues. It’s a silly problem to be having really, given that every server control automatically manages its own state. […]

DataBinding on ASP.Net

After consideration from a previous post, i decided to boldly test my new class designs by making those private instance variables public. Beyond struggling against my own niggles, i discovered that ASP.Net doesn’t like breaking PrivateInstanceVariableMandate either. Consider the DataBinder for example. In your mark-up code, a “typical” repeater section might look like The DataBinder.Eval […]