Team Balance

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There’s a lot to be said for flexible work hours. They’re all the rage but they can be tricky when you need to collaborate on something meaningful. Maturing teams understand this and introduce “core” hours. That is, everyone -must- be in the same space for a set number of hours during the day; you get… Read more »

HOWTO: Adopt Agile

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I’ve heard the stories, read the reports, discussed and debated, disagreed and agreed, worked together and against each other; i think there may even have been blood spilled at one stage? I vaguely remember something about a keyboard and a dwarf… Indeed, if there ever was a word in the software industry which could raise… Read more »

HOWTO Do Software

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The expression “software is hard” (a quote from Donald Knuth if I’m not mistaken) has seen a lot of mileage (yours truly contributing my fair share) over the years because of it’s simple truth. And in that, we’ve all searched and found (or not) some or other holy grail of methodology. And then the methodology… Read more »


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Much has been said about quality of software, and even more attention has been given to it. Further, a lot of methodology, and general how-to-do-stuff from project management to code implementation, even design and testing is focused on quality, including the ubiquitous “best practices” and framework collections out there. But then it struck me. All… Read more »

Enforcing DDD

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So you’re all excited about TDD by now. You’ve also hooked into DDD and cutting your teeth on some of the more progressive methods for delivering software accurately, and, fairly rapidly. And with time, you probably need to start leading a team in DDD. Or you just need to interface with a team but want… Read more »

Perception of Control

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one of the biggest challenges facing any lead position [particularly in an agile domain, but not solely within that domain] is wrestling for control. the processes, frameworks, tools and values are established in order that some kind of control may be exerted over the chaos. and in a position where you are required to lead, you are… Read more »


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it’s been a looong break {and good}, but getting back into the stream, one toe at a time. And as i venture forth into what is commonly known as the “new?” year, i keep coming up against this theme of “institutionalisation”. It’s almost tangible in every domain, which is no surprise, since it takes place… Read more »

Agile Manifesto

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It was about time for me… We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan That… Read more »

Owning Your Continous Integration

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The ideas here is to “own” your continous integration process and make it work for you. Afterall, you spent some time setting up CruiseControl.Net and it’s ticking along nicely. At some stage, you need to make it “yours” and let it reflect your needs in terms of your process and record build data that you… Read more »

Productivity Metrics

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There is one way to define output for a programming team that does work. And that’s to look at the impact of the team’s software on the business. Nothing like common sense to clear the air The fuzziness sets in however, when we try to gauge what that impact will look like before it is… Read more »