Long Live the Desktop

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No doubt about it, hardware is getting plain ridiculous in terms of throughput. Gone are the days of old where 64K RAM was *plenty*. That said, we still have this unyielding and biased fascination with RAM and processor speed when it comes to comparing computing devices on the market. Truth is, computing has changed sufficiently… Read more »

BabyGroup Tech Journey

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So here’s a little behind-the-scenes on one of SA’s newest e-commerce shops, BabyGroup. This has been a really great project to be involved with so it’s nice to be able to share a little on the journey. It’s also one of the few that are not “top-secret” so I can actually share some detail on… Read more »

Getting In The Way

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2013 and almost a decade has passed since I embraced agile development practices. Along the way, some of the fluff got dropped, some of it became lifestyle, some of it evolved into something better. “We” went through a lot. And those that made the decision back then to abandon established practices and try something new… Read more »

Engineering CSS

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With sites becoming increasingly “full” with the focus on design, regardless of the simplicity, the explosion of CSS and it’s management is burdensome. There are some tools; some processes, but working with CSS on a “code level” has still got a long way to go. Yes, there’s SASS, which can help, but you’re still dealing… Read more »

Building Kentico CMS for Azure

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When you’re putting a Kentico CMS site together, and you’re deploying to Azure, the one thing that doesn’t work too well is the emulator. It works, it’s just really intensive and slow-going. Especially if you want to run through small features or logic and need to do relatively frequent (and normal) build updates. Enter build… Read more »

Opensource is not Free

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Opensource, love it or hate it, has a definite place in our software ecosystem. I use opensource all the time, and i put a lot of projects up on opensource too. I don’t have any issue with it at all, on the contrary, opensource, by-and-large, has helped shape me as a developer. So, for the… Read more »

OAuth, Magento, Cookies, Ubuntu and Time

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After upgrading my VMWare host (and some Ubuntu updates at the same time) I started noticing some strange behaviour on my Magento platform in QA. I just couldn’t login with my regular test user account. After clearing cookies on the browser, Magento started redirecting me to it’s “Please enable cookies” page. Boom! Nothing else had… Read more »

Tech And The Art of Ninja

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There’s a lot of folk that like to call themselves ninjas out there- and it’s just plain wrong. Now unless you’re familiar with the Togakure-ryĆ« then you probably need to rethink your strategy a little… Ok, so you don’t mean that you’re actually a -real- ninja, like, a real ass-kicking ninjutsu warrior with highly developed… Read more »

Team Balance

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There’s a lot to be said for flexible work hours. They’re all the rage but they can be tricky when you need to collaborate on something meaningful. Maturing teams understand this and introduce “core” hours. That is, everyone -must- be in the same space for a set number of hours during the day; you get… Read more »

XSD minOccurs Specified And The XmlSerializer

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In your XSD schema definitions, the minOccurs has a subtle nuance through a leaky abstraction. Getting right to the point: Let’s take an element definition such as: Now when you create your default classes using the xsd.exe tool, you will end up with a class having a property OptString. Neat, since in code, you can… Read more »