Sort, BinarySearch and Anonymous Delegates

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Generics has undoubtedly made life a lot easier in the world of 1s and 0s and so this code snippet will only deal with the generics version since the code reads a lot easier. This is also a great bookmark post for future reference… This shouldn’t bother you too much, we just got Foo. Nice…. Read more »

zaFin Data Update

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If you’re using zaFin on your BlackBerry or using any of the published data via webfeeds, you should note that the data has been updated to reflect the latest changes in the prime lending rate as well as the most recent CPI figures (still waiting for August to be released which should be fairly soon)…. Read more »

When It Does Work

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There are too many reasons why I Love My Mac. And I’m not an Apple fanboy mind you. The iPhone? No way, hose. BlackBerry all the way otherwise, Android or bust. Noooo, the reasons I just simply love my Mac is because it just works (like the brochure says). Took a new entry-level MacBookPro and… Read more »