Golden Section Search

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For me, implementing code really helps me to understand the algorithms (i need to know) better. It might sound a bit odd in that you might need to understand the algorithm before you can implement it. And that’s partially true. An understanding is definitely required. But, with TDD and iterative processes ingrained, discovery of what… Read more »

Refinancing Model

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While explaining Morty, I left with a parting shot: Be careful about consolidating your debt. And before I continue, i will make the disclaimer that I’m not a financial advisor, just a curious number cruncher. So not entirely satisfied about not giving an example, I’ve now had the time to consider the model more carefully… Read more »

Software Guarantees

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It’s a long time coming: consumer protection for software. And it’s a good not altogether bad thing. How much software out there promises the world but delivers nothing but a world of headache? Of course, the devil is in the details and how they go about enforcing that is going to be interesting. Can you… Read more »

Your Word

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In days of yonder (although, probably more of a romantic legend) “your word” used to mean quite a bit. No legal fluff or long-winded contracts- it was your word that counted most. Today, that still is true, but we also have legal contracts because, i guess, in days of yonder, much like today, people renege… Read more »