ok, so i’m watching this little clip and thinking to myself… # speechless# how anyone on earth can believe that LIFE came together **randomly** … from a chimp and before that, whatever. Way too much dope.

J Yawns

from time to time, you hear stories from the baby’s scan like: “he waved at me” or “she smiled at me” or “J yawned” 🙂 Now for those who are not present at a scan, you probably think… yeah yeah. Emotional parents just reading into things… well, maybe- but see for yourself.

Shutdown Day

we did it. why not? and besides, it was a saturday. so who needs a PC on a saturday, anyway? 🙂 we survived, but looking back at how people spent their day “off”… yikes. :sigh: ah well. as for us, it was pretty much on the beach all morning. i’d definitely say that was time […]

New Territory

for a .net “junkie”, migrating technology skills can be quite daunting- well, that is for me at least. after too long a delay, i finally decided to start shifting some of my stuff across to Linux. i like the community drive behind Ubuntu and so… here i am. I guess there are lots of reasons […]


depending on many things, this word can mean a lot of things. and if you’re a post-modern western society christian [and even if you’re not, but i dunno since i can only speak from one perspective here], the word prophecy conjurs all sorts of “special” things. being a propet just sounds so much more appealing […]


sometimes, the timing of an idea is more interesting than the actual idea. sometimes both are equally fascinating. viral communication aside, i did find it quite interesting that these 3 posts Udi Dahan, Paratechnological value Ayende @ Rahien, How are you keeping up with this deluge of technology? Sahil Malik, How are you keeping up […]


it’s not just software requirements that suffer the problem of being vague, open-ended and non-descript. anytime we want to express anything we require, we speak a kind of short-hand which is just something we’re terribly used to, and rely on, in everyday communication. Starting with birth, we express our requirements in one word “Mommy” meaning […]