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BlackBerry Security

It’s not uncommon when moving across to the BlackBerry platform, to get a little confused or even frustrated. It’s a “who moved my cheese” series of moments because in reality, “we” tend to expect that BlackBerry will do things in exactly the same way as “our” previous handsets. And when it doesn’t, “we” might think it’s broken. Truth be told, BlackBerry does do a lot of things a little differently and IMHO those differences are what make it great.

I see the same kind of frustration when users migrate from Windows to Ubuntu or Mac.
I see the same kind of disappointment when users switch from Symbian to BlackBerry.
I see the same kind of disillusionment when developers switch from [insert-language-of-choice-here] to Ruby.

Security prompts on the BlackBerry platform are one of those areas that come up for discussion quite often. To understand “why” it does things the way it does things, here’s an 8min video clip which is extremely useful in explaining that. You decide wether that’s good or not, but whatever conclusion you come to, remember, it’s just the way it is.

Personally, I think giving the user (or the BES admin) the final say and control is the better policy when you start examining all the other options available.

Yes, it can be argued that it does demand a level of sophistication on the user’s part, but like anything out there (be it a carving knife, a phone, an OS, an application, a motor vehicle, a bank account or a piece of sports equipment) your understanding of that “thing” is directly related to your proficiency and enjoyment in using that “thing”. A phone, even a BB, is no different.