Fanatical Idiocracy Froths Again

Why? We spent a lot of money, time, energy dealing with an international body responsible for managing the game played with a round ball while they were in our country for the tournament where a whole bunch of international teams came and played against each other; they call it the “beautiful game” and it was played on our doorstep. Make no mistake, the event for us was phenomenal for a whole bunch of completely unrelated reasons. Sure, for the footy fans it was about footy. For the rest of us who puzzled over a round ball that bounces straight- it was something else magic entirely.

But it came with a price. Bans on anything and everything related to world cup, 2010 = protecting copyright$. And some clever advertising scored even bigger when they were challenged and forced to come up with something else better.

But it’s not just a souf efrican thing:


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