Building For BlackBerry

A suggestion for all budding (and current) BlackBerry developers out there. When you purchase your signing keys, be sure to NOT use your regular email address. Instead create an account like [email protected] or [email protected] to receive all the automated emails you get when signing.

For example, on one project, I have a build process that signs about 30 .cod files per build. But each build has specific builds for different OS levels, as well as different builds for testing, staging and production.

Add that up and you get 30 .cod files x 3 (one for each cert) = 90 x 3 (for each build type) = 270.
270 x 2 (for each platform) = 540. 540 x 4 (one for each white label) = 2160 emails!

For a daily build… and then adhoc builds. And not including any other projects. And you cannot get rid of the automated emailing. Standard RIM policy.