ZaFin Genesis

ZaFin is the finally born with the first feature arrived: PAYE. (Hey. It’s a start and a natural one at that given it’s history). Now, ZaFin is a long-term project and has been a goal to get going for a long time now. Essentially, it’s the place to post tools which help you reach numbers you need to make informed decisions for yourselves. Given the state of the world economics at the moment, give me one good reason why would I want to get financial advice from “the system”? It’s track record speaks for itself. Neh. Have the courage to think for yourself, right?

So ZaFin is supposed to be that kind of place. A spot where you can, armed with a bunch of quick little nifty calculators, reach and juggle numbers to come up with a reasonable conclusion. You don’t need an advisor for that. I believe, armed with the right information (ie. numbers) most reasonable folk can come make up their own minds. And make pretty good decisions on their own too (and maybe also check in with an honest friend to bounce some ideas off).

There will be more to come, slowly, over time, as time allows; baby steps. Hope you find the first tool useful, and more importantly, simple to use and to the point giving all you need, and only what you need.