Business Technology

Playground Update

The playground has got a new update: stats-related. We covered the sections where you can uncover a bunch of numerical descriptions on a dataset, which is useful for a quick overall summary of the data. I’ve used this tool a couple of times myself preparing for exams and checking manual calculations (yes, sometimes i need to do this type of thing manually) and of course, it’s much easier than using my Sharp or Casio calculator.
And then there are times when you need to examine the relationship between two variables…

The “Applied” Stats Calculator helps with that quite a bit by giving you a fairly (or so i’d like to think) easy way of inputting your data and then calculating and displaying the relationship through a least-squares attempt on the data provided. There are two motivations for this development:
a) linear relationships are more meaningful than just describing a dataset on its own
b) a showcase in extending the javascript library, complete, as always, with tests.