Howto Help the Economy

A bit of locally flavoured South African non-technical posting… on how to help an economy in need.

Indeed, when the chips are down, and prices are going up, and the economy is under threat of recession; what’s the most tactful move you can make? Why, organise a mass-action protest stayaway that effectively costs businesses billions of rands- just to put the cherry on top. Maybe put one or two out of action while you’re at- slam the final nail into the coffin? Oh, and don’t forget to cripple transportation and emergency services- hold the country at ransom during an economic crisis. What a sure fire way to send out a great message. At least you’re guaranteed of getting some attention.

Exactly what the message is however, and to whom it’s addressed to remains a mystery. ‘Cos the ubiquitous “business” and government of South Africa sure aren’t responsible for the price of barrel of oil.

Sadly, true character will always be revealed during the trials. But I suppose the alternative was to organise a call to come together and find innovative ways to save and help each other… Mmmm…

With great power, right, comes…?