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Clamour of Petty Kings

We have some serious issues facing our world today. Heck, in South Africa, the land of opportunity, we have more serious issues than we sometimes care to face up to. Tackling real issues is hard work. So, what’s the alternative?

Stop the press! Houston, we have a problem! In fact, call Heather Brenner out of retirement! Google does not display a link to it’s privacy statement on the home page. God forbid!

Something so serious demanded the attention of the world media (and my blog :sigh:), along with a host of, ahem, clamour, of petty kings. Good thing they were watching because if Google manage to continue getting away this kind of arrogant in-your-face lawlessness, who knows what cheecky and utterly ludicrious cheap shot they might plan to get away with next? :p