Hello, Baby J

the most anticipated birth of the century… 😀
She’s adorable, she’s gorgeous… she’s everything i thought only more than everything i thought.



And “My Wife”… wow! I am so proud of her. For nine months she worked so hard at making sure Jessie would come out just perfect and right to the end, she gave it her all and did an absolutely amazingly fantastic “thing”. I am stumped by her ability, tenacity, perseverance, love and courage in the face of everything that went down… (Lolly, you’re beautiful!)

And again, we have an absolutely awesome Father in Heaven. A true, righteous and loving God…

And so we start, the three of us, our next exciting episode 😀

One reply on “Hello, Baby J”

oh bryanie…
i just read this post… made me all teary!! Thank-you!
i couldnt have done it without you and your constant love and support! so Thank-you!!!
and thank-you for such a beautiful daughter!

you are the best husband any woman could ever have! i am so blessed to be able to call you “mine”!!


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