Resizing NTFS Partitions

Quite simply, the very idea freaks me out. The way NTFS partitions are managed in Windows… well, let’s just say resizing appears to be less straightforward than it makes me comfortable. And yes, there are some tool$ available to do the job securely, but again, in an emerging economy, some tool$ are just not priced affordably. Hello, GParted.

Defrag your NTFS partition (mostly ‘cos it invokes a layer of warm and fuzzy doing so)
Download the GParted LiveCD, burn the ISO (while we’re on the topic of burning ISO’s from Windows, again, it really is a bit of a unaffordable freeware/shareware mission)
Boot up with the LiveCD
Resize your NTFS
Reboot back into Windows (this allows windows to do it’s own CHKDSK on the “new” partition)

That’s it. Did it work? Oh yeah, it works. No corrupt programs, data, files, nada. Even my Lenovo SecureDrive volume is still intact…

… as you can see.