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Methodology Wars

It is interesting to see the increasingly varied responses to Agile as it waxes and wanes in popularity. From within the ranks of the new order rises a breed of zealots determined to see their ways overthrow the old. The stoics glare down at this revolution with some contempt and evidence of its untrustworthiness. The evidence itself is backed up by their reputation and that should be enough for victory. Yet the new order marches on, and in between, there’s another minority quietly getting on with fusing the gap…

I guess my view of government organisations is influenced by the incompetence of many. As grossly unjust as my opinion is, i am encouraged by many others, and most recently by: Army Simulation Program Balances Agile and Traditional Methods With Success. All this while i’ve been quietly researching on combining the two [motto: to be Agile enough to do Waterfall] and wondering just how this fusion would play out in a larger project?

Rather sweetly actually: OneSAF is a success!

This does pose a bit of a problem for the stoics and zealots though. Who gets too claim this victory? Or will they both ignore this one 🙂 Or maybe we can expect a new range of books both for and against OneSAF?

Refactoring Agile: How OneSAF Could Bave Been Better.
Traditional DeadWeight: Agile Carries OneSAF.

All i can say is: “Kudos to Mr Parsons, LTC Surdu and the team on some clear thinking!”