Windows Azure developer

Visual Studio developer

Kentico Partner


full-stack ecommerce, from the back to the front and everything in between, including operations

>_web applications

C# ASP.NET MVC, PHP or Python.

>_mobile apps

native or web

>_mathematics and software

mathematically-directed software applications for the desktop or the web. if you have a need to build software to crunch numbers, contact me to help implement your equations.

>_software production

whether you're looking for a developer resource (.NET, Ruby, Python, C/C++, PHP) to implement reliable backends or get a business-oriented web application off the ground, contact me for a quote.

>_operational guidance for agile environments

agile operational environments are not for every project, but when effectively employed, your project succeeds. roadmap an implementation strategy and get your Agile team on-track to delivering accurately.

>_software production management

managing the production of software requires a delicate balance of technical and business inputs. production; discover more about the available services, tools and technologies designed to assist you in managing your production.


if you're an open source effort, an educational initiative, an NGO or non-profit organisation; essentially, somebody just trying to do something for the public good, then contact me and if the relationship and synergy is there, i'm only to happy to offer my services for free- or hugely discounted- whichever makes the arrangement work best both ways.

>_free software

wondering what free (as in free speech, not free beer) or open source software is and what it can do for your business or home? try some of these first