n-tiered technologies, agile waterfall (sic), development ecosystems, architecture, mobile, responsive, strategy, code monkey, barista


tech: C#, ASP.NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2012, Windows Azure, MS SQL 2008, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
Now live at: BabyGroup  


tech: ASP.NET (C#), SharpDevelop, NUnit
CreditCart needed to kick-start application and services architecture for their startup initiative to bring bricks-and-mortar retail financing into the online world.


An online platform which helps save scores & statistics on school and amateur clubs, connecting others at a team or individual player level. The app is available here.
tech: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Facebook, Twitter


Introducing HydroTracker from FINIS Inc, this project involved an array of technology and integration like few can. First, a summary of the players involved:

tech: Magento, REST, PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, .NET, C for Mac, Visual Studio, XCode, Adobe AIR SDK, old-school Mac and Windows native processes, Win32, HID


tech: HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET
Justmoney required a website overhaul and translation of a design in Photoshop to an implementation in ASP.NET. Justmoney is now successfully running live with an enhanced "Web 2.0" look and feel along with added features built along a template which is both extensible and standard.


tech: C# ASP.NET (1.0, 2.0 and through to 4.0) C++ ISAPI XSLT XML WebServices Castle MonoRail ActiveRecord NHibernate WinForms
Windows Server 2003 Windows XP Pro MSDE MSSQL2005 (Express) since IIS6
a custom online e-learning system which services the education of global sales teams with reporting across the virtual team. there are various managed hosted instances in operation in the US and in South Africa.
project site: server.headgear.net


primary technologies: C# .NET 2.0 MonoRail BlackBerry RIM Android
primary tools: Visual Studio.NET nunit eclipse
platform: Windows Server 2003 Windows XP Pro MSSQL2005 MySQL IIS6/7 Ubuntu Mac OSX
responsible for various front- and back-office web applications for managing and interacting with different components of the larger eyeballs mobile project.
also researched and developed mobile application prototypes on the BlackBerry and Android platforms project site: eyeballs.mobi


primary technologies: PHP, BlackBerry (Java)
primary tools: various text editors, Eclipse IDE
platform: PHP, BlackBerry, WordPress
iTrainedToday provides various race and sport-related services; from race and gadget reviews through to development of discrete sports technologies


Guardian is a personal, live GPS tracking solution for your BlackBerry phone. You can use it completely stand alone to notify your contacts when you need help, or use it with the online service to track your movement by GPS- no registration required. For more information, go to Guardian


FNB National anthem application for Android


tech: RubyOnRails, BlackBerry, iOS, sqlite, MySQL
number-crunching web applications used internally for actuarial calculations including iPhone and J2ME calculator applications
project site: munrocc.com


primary technologies: Python, BlackBerry, JavaScript
primary tools: TextMate, Eclipse
platform: BlackBerry 4.5+, Google AppEngine
iTrainedToday is the simplest way to keep track of your training. In a world where tools, uis, gadgets and data becomes increasingly complex, there is a definite need for simplicity. And in training, this is certainly the case. Too many athletes (even at elite level) are reverting back to Excel spreadsheets and hand-written logs because the tools supplied by the manufacturers are way too complex and as a result unfriendly.
iTrainedToday provides a simple one-page dashboard to do 80% of the job- record training sessions. In this one-page view you can also get a quick snapshot of your current training volume and recent sessions- everything you need to keep the training going- without requiring massive amounts of personalization and configuration.


primary technologies: BlackBerry
primary tools: Eclipse
platform: BlackBerry 4.5+
zaFinTools is south africa's favourite army knife for day-to-day financial calculations. more about the project here.


Mobile and BlackBerry players for online radio service called LoudRadio.tv.
primary technologies: Javascript, Java
primary tools: TextMate, Firebug, Eclipse
platform: Facebook, BlackBerry, Weebly


Main and mobi websites for a new online radio service called StreetRadio.
primary technologies: PHP, Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap, J2ME
primary tools: TextMate, Firebug, NetBeans
platform: PHP, Facebook, J2ME, Mxit

>_2oceansvibe Radio

primary technologies: BlackBerry, Android, JavaScript, Facebook
primary tools: TextMate, Eclipse
platform: BlackBerry 4.5-5.0, Facebook, Android 1.6 - 2.2
2oceansvibe Radio needed streaming applications on the BlackBerry and Android platforms in addition to a Facebook application which could stream their radio show. Fortunately, they had an existing iPhone app which could be used as the requirements specification so the function development was straightforward. The project itself was a pleasure to work on given the variety of tools and technologies all requiring the same end result.
You can download their apps off BlackBerry App World (alternatively, point your BB browser at 2oceansvibe), the Android Market or on Facebook.  


primary technologies: RubyOnRails
primary tools: TextMate XCode
platform: Mac OSX Sqlite3
stated off as a "hobby" application designed to model amortisation schedules. given basic variables, Morty calculates your standard amortisation schedules where the fun only begins. From there, you're able to advance capital repayments and modify interest rate changes to examine the nett effect of those changes over the period of your loan.
project site: Incubating At Heroku