Manage Cookies with BlackBerry Java

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When interacting with [generally and widely interpreted] web services, you may be required to communicate state (usually a login authentication token). This [usually] takes the form of a cookie and in our interconnected wide world of interwebs, browsers handle cookies just fine; custom-built clients not always. On the BlackBerry, if you’re putting together a Java… Read more »


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Started working with AppEngine a little bit recently and for the most part, I’m impressed by the ability to just get on with it. It resonated with some of Rob’s post and his idea of “stop thinking, just build” (with the ‘stop thinking’ part given a reasonable and relaxed interpretation on my part). And even… Read more »

Rest [as defined by a techie]

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so life in the land of .net has been a little quiet. there’s been a gap in our project which i have been making the most of to get my head around some *other* things 😀 so, the backend and data coding has been burning slowly, but what has been happening has been interesting.. adventures… Read more »

Google vs Microsoft

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A bit iffy really that two huge companies war with each other in the way they do… {sigh} But then again, on the other side of the {sigh} is a… cool. it’s what makes companies healthy, string.. heck.. everything gets stronger with a little bit of sparring. But the “war” reached my doorstep with Google’s… Read more »