‘If’ denotes a condition for an event, and that condition must render true before the associated event can be raised. Life abounds with situations where ‘if’ plays an important role in determining what gets done. Walking with Jesus is no different. One of the first recorded ‘ifs’ is an encounter between God and Cain. Cain […]

Night Surfing

noooo, not the web kind of surfing… the Aloha-Hawaii-Dude!-style of surfing… at night! it was a super day, saturday. started off with a wedding in the morning [wooohooo, Mr & Mrs Couvaras! 😀 ] and then settled into an evening braai at A+L. Great dinner, fantastic pudding followed off with a warm cuppa coffee. Just […]

Baby J II

First scan today… and awesome! The little peanut is only 5mm BIG and the heart is starting to form… brain about to develop some time soon… and the hands and feet are coming along. Thinking about all this, you cannot seriously believe that this creation of life is a result of “coincidence” and trial-and-error. Inconceivable […]

Bible Versions

As part of my current course at World Bible School ( high recommended ) i was required to do some research into the validity and authenticity of the various works of translations and multitude of versions available today…. Heavy. There is sooooo much information available from such a wide range of audiences it made me realise […]


Sadly, this is too much of a regular occurence in South Africa… but of the many traumatic stories, there’s always the bit that inspires and makes me stand tall with a shout of “Hoo-rah!” Chris Herbst- just an ordinary hero For me, this epitomises the role of husband and father… willing to lay down his […]


We refer all the time to either the “Old Testament” or the “New Testament” but don’t really stop to consider what the word “testament” actually means. It’s become part and parcel of our vocabularly and in a sense has become a word that defines a part of the Bible, rather than a word which already […]


while previewing Casino Royale, the new James Bond flick, i was struck by emptinees of the role models we create for ourselves. without a doubt, James Bond has played a part in shaping masculinity over the years, not that it was ever the intention of the author. but in shaping masculinity, those men who have […]


there’s a lot to be understood by the response we have to statements, particularly when our responses build up ill feelings. equally, this is applicable to those statements we respond to favourably. and because of the chemistry, you might argue, you naturally learn to incorporate only the positive statements into your life. then Jesus comes […]