Team Balance

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There’s a lot to be said for flexible work hours. They’re all the rage but they can be tricky when you need to collaborate on something meaningful. Maturing teams understand this and introduce “core” hours. That is, everyone -must- be in the same space for a set number of hours during the day; you get… Read more »

HOWTO: Adopt Agile

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I’ve heard the stories, read the reports, discussed and debated, disagreed and agreed, worked together and against each other; i think there may even have been blood spilled at one stage? I vaguely remember something about a keyboard and a dwarf… Indeed, if there ever was a word in the software industry which could raise… Read more »

Piracy is NOT A Crime*

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I did not see one this coming. Under South African law, piracy is not a crime. Contrary to all those ads on the DVDs and the big screens sponsored by the DTI and all the talk and all the hyped media… I’m no lawyer and like most people rely on the messages that are published… Read more »

HOWTO Do Software

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The expression “software is hard” (a quote from Donald Knuth if I’m not mistaken) has seen a lot of mileage (yours truly contributing my fair share) over the years because of it’s simple truth. And in that, we’ve all searched and found (or not) some or other holy grail of methodology. And then the methodology… Read more »

Software Guarantees

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It’s a long time coming: consumer protection for software. And it’s a good not altogether bad thing. How much software out there promises the world but delivers nothing but a world of headache? Of course, the devil is in the details and how they go about enforcing that is going to be interesting. Can you… Read more »

Annoying Software

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One of the funniest things i read this morning… or maybe it was the tea? “And yes, when I ask to exit the software, that’s because I really want to, not because I’m having a crisis of doubt.” (The bold is my emphasis) LOL How many times have you joked about this? Are you really… Read more »

IT “Industry”

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I say “industry” but there’s no real regulation put in by the government (at least here) which keeps the industry in check. For one, it’s not illegal to provide IT services or build software without a licence, while in more established industries, it is illegal to, for example, provide medical, financial, engineering or manufacturing services… Read more »

Crack My App

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What do you do if someone asks you to do something illegal? Of course (and i do sincerely mean and hope, “of course”) the first response is to just say “No”. But does it end there? Maybe it depends, maybe it doesn’t? Well, I was asked by a company to crack some software. Everything was… Read more »


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Much has been said about quality of software, and even more attention has been given to it. Further, a lot of methodology, and general how-to-do-stuff from project management to code implementation, even design and testing is focused on quality, including the ubiquitous “best practices” and framework collections out there. But then it struck me. All… Read more »