ActiveRecord and Thrift Part Deux

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I posted about AR and thrift earlier (or late last year) and was reminded this morning that I didn’t follow up that post with the solution. So here it is: Download spike code. Now it has been a while since i solved this, and the versions may have changed since then, but I do remember… Read more »

Morty py

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Morty py is the same Morty that was built using Ruby on Rails as part of a bigger scheme related to the basics of financial learning, specifically the concept of amortisation. Morty py, as it’s creative name suggests, is a Python implementation. Moreover, it’s also hosted on Google’s AppEngine. In all, the differences between the… Read more »

Golden Section Search

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For me, implementing code really helps me to understand the algorithms (i need to know) better. It might sound a bit odd in that you might need to understand the algorithm before you can implement it. And that’s partially true. An understanding is definitely required. But, with TDD and iterative processes ingrained, discovery of what… Read more »

Rails, PDF + prawn jumpstart

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Looking for a “to-PDF” solution for your rails application? Well, if your journey is (has been) anything like mine [which is pretty standard judging from what i’ve read] then you’ve probably decided prawn is the way forward. And you’re also probably convinced that prawnto is a good idea (it is also highly recommended). So by… Read more »

Deploying Rails

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A while ago, i got addicted to RoR. Life before RoR was… well. Mundane. Don’t get me wrong. There was still a lot of exciting stuff going on, but RoR opened up a brave new world and it’s “differentness” added to its appeal. And since then, i’ve written a fair amount of Rails apps and… Read more »

Optimizing And Readability

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Optimizing code is generally an expensive process (read: time-consuming) and there are established ways of getting to the bottom of “what to optimize”. Thankfully, profilers are available to help with a lot of the guesswork, so it’s generally a good idea to make sure you work with one *most of the time*. Moving along, it… Read more »


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UPDATE: 3 July 2008 Updated code to reflect more recent tax tables (2009) When I was asked to estimate PAYE on a gross monthly salary, i hauled out the calculator and started chipping away, according to the SARS Tax Tables. Not being a tax consultant or looking at various structured packages, the first stab is… Read more »

Investing in the Learning Curve

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We have a concept of what the learning curve represents, and unfortunately, the same thing can represent 2 opposite concepts. What makes more sense to me is looking at a learning curve from a classical labour cost perspective and more keenly towards labour productivity. In this sense, the learning curve is interpreted, broadly, as: the… Read more »

Learn By Do. Part III

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This is kinda like a bumper edition, since it wasn’t intended but after hacking this for a bit, it turned out to be a pretty useful exercise, no matter the language. Why? Primarily since you get to, depending on implementation, write your own data structures and use recursion. This combination of tasks usually allows you… Read more »

Learn By Do. Part II

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In the first installment, we discovered, from the eyes of a noob, a handful of basic concepts about the Ruby language. In this episode, we’ll complete the functions for mean, median, variance and hence standard deviation and discover something you might consider magic… The mean. It’s the average and so it’s calculation is simple. Add… Read more »