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Following up on the theme of overtime, voluntary or otherwise, there’s another good reason why it’s counter-productive. In a team environment, all it takes is one person to work that little extra bit on a regular basis, and because everyone’s capacity is inter-dependant, that extra workload starts to catch up and takes it toll. For… Read more »

What to do… what to do…?

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I just couldn’t resist 😀 Had to log into Windows today and on startup was presented with this dialog: What do you do?

It’s Never About The Process

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Ever. Yet it’s so very important at the same time. We drive processes quite hard, with good reason and positive intent. The process facilitates the change we desire and fosters an environment of learning with the goal of eliminating pain. Not a headache type pain (although it could be) but an organisational pain. And so… Read more »


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the “O” word popped up today and i can recall reacting rather negatively to the concept. having recognised my emotional response :), i’m trying to gather my thoughts so i can examine the role of overtime in a production environment with reasonable judgement. and in scanning through many articles, my reaction is more accurately against… Read more »

Productivity Metrics

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There is one way to define output for a programming team that does work. And that’s to look at the impact of the team’s software on the business. Nothing like common sense to clear the air The fuzziness sets in however, when we try to gauge what that impact will look like before it is… Read more »

Simplest Thing

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An *agile-biased* blog would just not be complete with at least *one* article on TheSimplestThing… so here goes: I has occurred to me [and no doubt, countless others] that after all that has been said about TheSimplestThing; there is no simple definition. The irony does not escape my sometimes blindingly slow wit, but simply put,… Read more »